Capstone Accounting Advisory Group

Accounting majors- if you are looking to gain real world accounting experience while receiving professional & technical development from our Big Four Partner, EY, then CAAG is a great opportunity for you.

Applications are now open from 11/23/2020-12/20/23.

Apply here.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. a declared accounting major
  2. enrolled in/have completed 310
  3. sophomores who have completed 210 with an A

Our Mission Statement

The Capstone Accounting Advisory Group team is founded on the three pillars: social investment, technical development, and professional development. We strive to accomplish this by leveraging University of  Alabama Accounting students in collaboration with Certified Professional Accountants, to provide consulting to small businesses in West Alabama that will allow them to transition to sustainable accrual accounting systems.

What We Do

The Capstone Accounting Advisory Group provides the following services to our clients:

  1. Updated Financial Statements & the systems needed to comply with GAAP 
  2. Technical accounting training to small business owners in order to become  self-sustainable 

The Capstone Accounting Advisory Group provides the following services to our members:

  1. Make a social investment in West Alabama through providing small business with the consulting needed to transition to sustainable accrual accounting systems
  2. Professional development & networking opportunities 
  3. Technical accounting development for undergraduate students 

Please check out our contact page if you are interested in partnering with us or helping us make a difference in the West Alabama community.

Our Executive Committee

Mark Conlee Headshot

Mark Conlee




Bryce Glenn Headshot

Bryce Glenn

Vice President



William Gray Headshot

William Gray

Chief Financial Officer



Jack Lessley Headshot

Jack Lessley

Director of Operations



Hallie Smith Headshot

Hallie Smith

Director of Communications and Engagement



Lily Turnbull Headshot

Lily Turnbull

Director of Strategic Initiatives



Anna DeWillis

Anna DeWillis

Director of Recruitment


Our partnerships and clients

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How to apply

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