Classes Offered

Helpful Information

Registration Process

Please go the Google Form link provided below to register. The form allows you to register for up to two classes. You have the option of just registering for one class by indicating that you only want the one class on the form. For the computer classes, you will select one of the locations and times, unless you actually want to attend more than one computer class each week. Our classes are open to everyone. There are no requirements or costs.

You will be contacted via email with a confirmation of your registration within 7 days (if you do not provide an email address because you do not have one, you will be texted or called.) One week prior to the first day of class, you will be contacted with more detailed information, including directions, parking, and other information you may need. You will also be reminded by text a couple of days before the start of the first class.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday classes start the first week of February (Tues 2/4, Wed 2/5, Thurs 2/6, Fri 2/7). Monday classes start the second week of February (Mon 2/10).

Class Format

For computer classes, you will work by yourself with your own tutor or you will be paired with one other community member of similar ability studying the same subject. Your UA student-tutor will guide you through exercises and problems based on a professional academic curriculum we have developed and tested. (It is common that you will end up with your own individually assigned tutor, especially after the first week.) The material will be learned in a hands-on environment and in an interactive mode. We will proceed at your pace, slowing down or increasing speed as necessary to achieve maximum learning. The UA student will be trained prior to the start of your classes. Class leaders, graduate assistants, and faculty will supervise the student-tutors.

For communication classes, the material will be learned in small groups through activities and exercises.  The class will be led by a University graduate student; the class is designed to be an interactive, community-learning environment.

The classes are free; our laptops (for computer classes) and materials are provided to you for use during the class periods.  You can also bring your own computer. For iPhone/iPad classes, you will need to bring your own device.  You can bring other smartphones and devices, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The atmosphere is friendly and informal, but purposeful and productive. Volunteers are encouraged to adapt to the participants’ base of knowledge and develop a positive relationship that fosters growth and confidence. Participants will receive individual attention and learn in an optimal environment.

Each class is 75 minutes in length. The classes generally run for 8 or 9 weeks, meeting once a week.

Expectations of your participation in the class:

We hope you will treat this as an academic course where timeliness and attendance are expected. We want this to be a professional and valuable program. To receive certification, you must attend each class in the series unless you have an illness or emergency. If you miss more than 2 classes in the series, you will not be able to receive certification, and we will need to reassign your volunteer.