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Helpful Information

Registration Process

Please use the internet sign-up links to register for classes. There is one link for youth tutoring and a separate link for the adult classes. Registration is very simple and only requires an email address. If you cannot sign-up online and do not have anyone that can help you with this process, text your name and the class you want to register for to (205) 928-8258. We will respond to your text within 24 hours.

If you cannot sign up at the website, cannot find someone to assist you with using the website, and cannot text, you can call (205) 928-8258 and leave a message with your name and the class you want to register for (day, time, and subject). Your registration will be confirmed within 24 hours. However, note that if you do not use the website, we cannot guarantee space as available slots are programmed into the website. If possible, please use the website or text.

Please only submit your registration once. If you submit it, it will be saved. We will contact you via the email address you provide within 2 days to confirm your registration and provide more information about the next steps. The first confirmation via email will only confirm your registration. We will ask you to confirm receipt of the email. If you do not confirm within a few days, we will send a text with your registration confirmation. The second email from us will be sent a few days prior to the class and will provide more details about the class. However, the information you need about the class is on this website for you to review. If you have questions at any time, text (205) 928-8258 or email us at

Before registering, please make sure you are able to attend that class for the 8 week period. We do understand you may miss a week due to health, family, or personal issues, but note that we will be assigning an individual tutor to you who is committing to teach you for 8 weeks. If you need to change your registration, text us at (205) 928-8258 with the change.

If you have questions about any of the classes, please text your question to (205) 928-8258. Texting allows us to be much more efficient in communications, given the time-consuming process of connecting through a phone call (“phone tag”). We can respond much more quickly and can have a written record through text. We do understand that texting may not be possible in certain special circumstances such as visual impairment or other challenges. In those instances, call (205) 928-8258 and leave a message. We will return your call within 24 hours.

Important Updates for Fall Semester Classes

Classes are finishing up in November for the Fall 2020 term. We will resume in the new year. Registration will be open in mid-January 2021.

Class Format

All classes in Fall 2020 will be conducted virtually through the Zoom platform.  You do not have to register for a free account to use Zoom, but it will be helpful so you can access all the features. You do not have to purchase an account – just use the free account option.  You will receive detailed instructions with pictures on how to create a free Zoom account and how to access a meeting.  There will be no costs to these classes.

Beginner computer users will be guided through the easy process of using Zoom.  We will provide assistance to whatever extent you need.  You will have the option of watching a video on how to use Zoom and/or participating in a Zoom help session the week before classes start.  During these sessions, you will be shown how to use the features in Zoom to take advantage of all the options available for your learning experience.  You will also be able to call a phone number for verbal assistance during your first 2 weeks.  We will send a detailed list of options for you to obtain help using Zoom.

Gateway Device Option:  For both youth and adult tutoring, there are options to checkout computer devices at the Tuscaloosa Gateway on University Blvd at certain times.  If you plan to go to the Gateway and use their devices, select that option at one of those times.  You must reserve the device and must remain at the Gateway facility during the class, socially distanced, and wearing a mask.  There will be a designated classroom for this purpose, and staff will be available to assist with you getting started and accessing Zoom.  These spaces are limited.  Your tutor will NOT be at the Gateway; this will still be a virtual class.

You will need a consistent Internet connection for the Zoom calls.  If you are logged off due to loss of connectivity, you can rejoin the class and resume learning.

All classes are 75 minutes long and run for 8 weeks.  Participants in the adult classes receive certification from The University of Alabama LIFT program upon completion of the 8-week course.