Computer & Phone Skills Training

LIFT class

Course Overview

Adults of any age are encouraged to sign up and take classes. The adults will be paired with one University student who will teach them one-on-one. Class leaders and a graduate assistant will continually observe and be available for assistance.

On the first day, you will go through a list of all the topics that can be covered during the 8-week period.  You and your tutor will design a learning plan that you will follow through the 8 weeks.  We will be using the website for our curriculum.  You will be able to access the materials each week to practice what you learned and to look ahead for the next week.

If you have chosen a virtual option, you will be taught computer skills through the use of specific Zoom features.  We will teach you how to use these features as part of the class, if necessary.  These features will include:

  • Sharing Screen option – this can be done by both participant and tutor.
  • Remote control access option – the tutor can take over the participant’s screen and control it.
  • Whiteboard
  • Annotations

The participant and tutor will work together to determine the best way to interact.  The tutor will be able to demonstrate skills and assist with the participant repeating those skills.

Computer classes for senior citizens are also available through The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute ( if you are a member.

Participants receive certification from The University of Alabama LIFT program upon completion of the 8 week course.  All classes are 75 minutes long.


Register Here

Helpful Information

When registering for an adult class, you will be prompted to enter your level (beginner or intermediate) of computer or phone skills. You will also be asked to choose the primary subject you wish to be tutored in. Please enter the specific computer or other subjects. You can be tutored in the following subjects:

Course Subjects (choose one):

  • Computer for Beginners
    • Internet
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Windows
    • Intro to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Excel
    • A spreadsheet program used for storing, organizing, and manipulating data and performing calculations.
  • Microsoft Word
    • A word processor program that allows you to create professional-quality documents, reports, letters, and resumes.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Presentation software that enables you to create presentations for business, classroom, and personal use.
  • iPhone or iPad Skills
    • Learn to use the features of your specific device.
  • Other Smartphones
    • Based on your device, we will try to locate a tutor that uses your specific device type.

Course Schedule

Please only select one computer class for registration per person.  

SENIORS IN-PERSON:  (choose one)

SENIORS Virtual:  (choose one)

ADULTS (ages 18 and up) IN-PERSON:  (choose one)

ADULTS (ages 18 and up) VIRTUAL:  (choose one)