Academic Tutoring for Youth & Teens

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Course Overview

The youth or teen will be paired with one University student who will tutor them one-on-one in-person or in a Zoom breakout room.  Class leaders and a graduate assistant will continually observe.  For Zoom calls, we ask that parents are in the room with the student during the tutoring session.

The youth or teen should be ready to share their homework or other class material each week.  You can ask for extra practice from your child’s teachers. 

For virtual classes:  Online material can be shared easily through the “Share Screen” feature in Zoom, which we will demonstrate.  Hardcopy/written material will be shared through a free App (Notes App for iPhone) where a picture will be taken of the material and sent to the tutor.  The tutor will guide the student on how to use the Zoom features that will make tutoring easier:  the sharing screen feature (both ways), remote control access, the whiteboard, and annotations.

Duration: 75 minutes, 8 sessions, one per week


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Course Subjects

  • K-12 Math
  • K-12 English/Reading
  • K-12 Social Studies
  • K-12 Science
  • ACT Prep

Helpful Information

Please consider the commitment you are making when registering.  We will assign a specific student for the 8-week duration of the class to tutor this student specifically.  If you do not show up at all, that student resource is wasted.  You will have a way to contact us if you have a reason you cannot attend one week, but make sure you are willing to commit to this day and time when you register.  Your registration takes away a slot for someone else to be tutored, and space is limited.  Only register if you fully attend to use the tutoring service.

Please only select one day & time per child.  If we have space in the other times after registration closes, we will notify you.  You can register multiple children for the same or different times.

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