QuickBooks Software & Bookkeeper Training

Course Overview

This class is designed for someone interested in learning the most commonly used bookkeeping software program.  Basic computer skills are required as a prerequisite. This class is ideal for someone with a small business, for someone with a bookkeeping job, and for someone interested in applying for bookkeeping jobs.

You will learn the online version of the software through tutoring by trained University accounting students. The classes will be conducted in person if you choose that option or in Zoom breakout rooms if you choose the virtual option. The course will incorporate an overview of accounting and financial statements to enhance the value of the software skills. Basic knowledge of computers is required.

Participants receive certification from The University of Alabama LIFT program upon completion of the 8-week course.

*Note:  This is the new, updated online version of the software.  The desktop version was previously used in our community classes

Registration - Opens Jan. 16th 2024

Course Subjects

  • QuickBooks Software & Bookkeeper Training