Veterans Education & Support Initiative

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Course Overview

Each veteran will be partnered with a UA student for the purpose of serving as a tutor and source of support for the veteran.  The UA student will act as a companion or aid for the duration of the program.  The student can do any of the following:  (1) help the veteran improve specific computer skills:  Internet, Gmail, Social Media, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), (2) assist the veteran with searching the internet for information to solve specific problems, satisfy certain needs, or communicate with specific organizations, (3) engage in conversations and dialogue so each partner can learn more about the other’s interest, hobbies, and experiences.

This program is designed to bring people together who can help one another, given that many are isolating at home and do not have access to normal channels of assistance and social interaction.


Course Subjects

  • Veterans Education & Support Initiative

Helpful Information

Please consider the commitment you are making when registering.  We will assign a specific student for the 8-week duration of the class to tutor this student specifically.  If you do not show up at all, that student resource is wasted.  You will have a way to contact us if you have a reason you cannot attend one week, but make sure you are willing to commit to this day and time when you register.  Your registration takes away a slot for someone else to be tutored, and space is limited.  Only register if you fully attend to use the tutoring service.

Course Schedule

Coming soon for Fall 2021.